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Remove Acne Scars with These Dermatologist-Approved Suggestions

Facial scars, whether left behind by injuries or acne, are very common. However, that doesn’t make them any less of a nuisance. Scars are notoriously hard to treat, but when it comes to reducing scars on your face, there are a couple of things you try at home – and a quick filler option to try at your dermatologist if you want more instant gratification. Here are a few expert-approved suggestions.

Use retinol skincare.

Retinol skincare is a must for anyone concerned about signs of aging, skin texture, and dullness. That’s because retinol stimulates collagen growth, which battles against scarring, and promotes cell turnover for a youthful glow. Regardless of what type of scar you’re dealing with, your skin can benefit from retinol or retinoid, which can help to even out your skin texture. Look for products containing retinol at drugstores or beauty stores or ask your dermatologist for a prescription-strength product.

Take your vitamins.

Vitamins benefit your allover health - and this includes your skin. When it comes to getting rid of scars left behind by acne, dermatologists suggest loading up on vitamins. Consider taking supplements containing niacinamide, a B vitamin (B3) that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Topical vitamin C products are also great for your skin. Vitamin C combats hyperpigmented acne scars and helps build new collagen, which smoothes out facial scars.

Ask your dermatologist about fillers.

Looking to fill those scars once and for all? Ask your dermatologist about fillers containing hyaluronic acid, like Juvederm or Restylane, which can help fill in deep facial pockmarks. To see what the effects might look like, try stretching the skin around your scars with your fingers. The degree to which that changes the scar is how much it can improve. If you decide that fillers are right for you, rest assured that the procedure is usually a quick in-office appointment.

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