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Cut Calories with Ease When You Try These Cauliflower Swaps

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Cauliflower has become a well-known alternative to carb-heavy, starchy vegetables like potatoes and gluten-rich crusts, thanks to its naturally low supply of carbohydrates and calories. If you’re keen on creating healthy dishes in the kitchen, you might have already tried making your own cauliflower pizza crust or mashed “potatoes” – but, what about these 4 items, which can easily be made with cauliflower instead of less healthy ingredients?

Cream Sauce

If you love Alfredo sauce but not the calories associated with this rich and creamy sauce, you’ll love to learn that cauliflower can give this roux-based sauce the indulgent texture you crave. Simply add cauliflower puree to the roux for a creamy, yet light, dinner.

Potato Soup

Potato soup is very comforting, thanks to its status as a carbohydrate-heavy dish. Yet, you can easily substitute cauliflower for potatoes and reduce your caloric intake by two-thirds! Simply add cauliflower where you would add potato, or look up a special recipe designed to maximize cauliflower’s flavors.


The young and young at heart alike love tots – and, what’s not to love? Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, tots are the perfect side dish for kids and anyone craving an alternative to French fries or a baked potato. Make them a little healthier by trying your hand at cauliflower tots.


A mainstay of upscale Italian eateries, polenta is a delicious, creamy side dish often used for soaking up additional broths and sauces. You may not have thought to create polenta from cauliflower, but the result is spot-on – and very satisfying!

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