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3 Reasons Why Getting a Pet Can Improve Your Life

Always thought about owning a pet, but never took the plunge? Have you chosen to foster a dog or cat while self-quarantined, and now you’re thinking about making the transition to full-blown pet parent? No matter your situation, if you’re considering owning a pet, you should know that having a pet can greatly improve your life across several areas. Here are three great benefits to owning a pet.

Pets can make you healthier.

Although bacteria can cause illness, having too little exposure to germs can make for a weaker immune system. The key is to find a balance and having a pet can help you do just that. Dogs and cats introduce new bacteria into your home which causes an increase in biodiversity in that environment. Your immune system builds up defenses to these new germs, strengthening it over time and making it less likely that you’ll easily fall ill.

Pets can help your mental health.

A pet can help with establishing a routine and staying active - two behaviors that are good for your mental health. What’s more, studies have shown that pet owners are more positive, are less likely to suffer from depression, and have more social interactions than those without pets.

Certain pets can encourage you to exercise.

Some pet owners would agree that having a dog can be like having a personal trainer. Why? Well, pets who rely upon daily walks urge their owners to get outside, too, in turn encouraging them to exercise on a daily basis. Plus, walking is a great activity for shedding weight! Research even suggests that dog owners who walk their dogs daily are less likely to be obese than people who don’t own dogs.

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