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Save Money on Activities for the Kiddos By Printing Coloring Pages From These Free Websites

Coloring is a classic kids’ activity, and for good reason. Coloring encourages creativity and can be a soothing activity, even for adults. Though children’s coloring books are easy to find, they can add up in cost, especially if your child lists coloring among their favorite hobbies. Here are 3 websites where you can locate and print off coloring pages for free, so you’ll always have a few fresh sheets on hand, free of charge!

Online Coloring

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than Online Coloring. The site’s home page suggests a handful of coloring designs, or you can scroll all the way down to filter results by category. There’s also a page for the most popular coloring pages. Best of all, Online Coloring offers you two ways to color: right on the screen with an interactive interface, or with a printable version, which can be accessed easily.


Crayola is the go-to brand for quality coloring supplies, so it only makes sense that the manufacturer has its own website filled with free printable coloring pages. Choose from an array of sheets from your child’s favorite franchises, like Star Wars, Disney, or Shopkins, or go with a classic print-out of dog breeds, dinosaurs, and other themes. There are even more complicated designs for older kids or adults!


Budding artists will love HelloKids, which is filled with printable coloring pages and drawing tutorials. Print color-by-number pages or classic coloring pages or create your own design within the Coloring Page Factory. Plus, if your child is the type to grow bored of activities easily, there’s plenty more to explore on HelloKids, including video games and crafting tutorials.

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