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Want to Make New Friends As an Adult? Here Are a Few Useful Tips

For many kids, making friends is easy. Even though our young adulthood, we form close bonds with high school friends, college pals, and friends from our first few jobs. However, as we get older, it becomes a bit more challenging to make friends. Aside from the fear of rejection, making new friends takes a lot of time—something we all are a little short on these days. Yet, there are small ways to open yourself up to more friendships.

These tips offer a few suggestions.

Be open to meeting new people.

Don't overthink the process of making friends worry about being rejected, or dwell on the fact that you might not be fun enough to appeal to a potential person. This takes the fun out of the whole process and only results in unnecessary stress. Simplify the process by being open and inviting. You’ll never know what could happen!

Accept social invitations.

If someone invites you to do something, plan a party, or meet a mutual friend, try your best to make it happen! Though everyone is tired, busy, and/or stressed out, it’s important to make time for social invitations, if you’re hoping to expand your social circle. Accepting invitations is a great, low-effort way to expand your friendship opportunities.

Reach out to your neighbors.

Odds are, you share an apartment complex with hundreds of other people. So, why not reach out to them and see if a friendship blossoms? The next time you share an elevator with someone or wave hello to a neighbor, try initiating a conversation. You might find that you have more in common with your neighbors than you know.
Volunteer at your children’s school.

If you have children, consider utilizing that network of parents to find new friends. Volunteering is a great way to stay involved in your kids' lives, get to know your children’s teachers, and meet new people with kids around the age of yours. Not to mention, if you’re both volunteering, chances are high that you value the same things and have the same hobbies. That’s a great indication of a potentially fruitful friendship!

Inspiration can come from anywhere – just ask the team at Digit 1919 Apartments in Dallas, Texas. By passing along this information, we hope to inspire you with new ideas, projects, and goals, too.

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