You Can Easily Take Care of Your Folks When You Live Far Away with These Tips

There are plenty of aspects of your day-to-day lifestyle that need constant consideration – one being your aging parents. Realizing that your parents need special care can be a challenge for anyone. But, it is particularly difficult for adult children, who live far from their parent's homes. In fact, nearly seven million Americans are responsible for the care of an older relative or friend who lives an average of 300 miles away.

Caring for an aging parent is stressful and can lead to feelings of worry and guilt. There are some strategies for dealing with this situation. Consider the following options: 

  1. Keep in touch with your parents’ doctors, either by phone or through email. Ask questions that enable you to understand what treatment they are receiving, what alternatives may exist, and what type of assistance your parents may need.
  2. Before a crisis occurs, work with your parents to collect the necessary medical, financial, and legal information you may need to help properly care for them. Make a list of family, friends, and others, who live near your parents, to assist in the case of an emergency.
  3. Join a support group for caregivers in your area. Not only will you receive support, but you will also learn about the aging process and can share in resources.
  4. If your parents have a family member nearby providing them with assistance, be sure to offer support to that person as well. He or she often bears the brunt of the stress and physical support needed to care for your parents.

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